Nanaimo, Canada


The building is designed to be a prominent component of the existing shopping mall and it is destined to be a new landmark for the city. 

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Located at the north corner of Nanaimo North Town Centre, the new building will be highly visible from surrounding environment. The articulated northeast facing facade includes a feature signage design integrated with the roofline and white framed spandrel panels at a lower position. It immediately faces the intersection of Oliver Road and Uplands Drive, and it is designed as a featured street corner for the city. This is further enhanced with a newly designed sidewalk open area surrounded by low curvy shaped landscape walls and green elements which will provide a new transitional walking experience between the new building & city street.

Client: Shape Properties Corp. / Year: 2017 / Area: 18,000 sq.ft. / Status: Completed / Collaborators: Tak Chan Architecture & MCMP

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