Beijing, China

KQ Beijing

The building is designed with a spatial circulation flowing back and forth between interior and exterior spaces which visitors can experience the raised landscape and water feature. The architecture becomes an extension of landscape.

The building is planned and designed to fulfill different needs over time. It serves as a sales pavilion for a residential development of 3,500 new housing units in the first stage. In the second stage, the building is adapted as a community centre with an art gallery and a teahouse. A circulation loop is designed and allows programs flowing back and forth between indoor and outdoor spaces. A large water feature extends from the building into the landscape and the curving form of the water feature echoes the architectural form. Visitors can cross a bridge over the water which includes a matrix of water jets. All mechanical systems are concealed in the raised landscape and passive energy strategies for solar gain and natural ventilation are employed. 


Client: BBCL Beijing / Year: 2003 / Area: 25,000 sq.ft. / Status: Completed / Architect of Record: LWPAC