Burnaby, Canada

Electronic Arts Phase II

The focal point of the new building is a five storey high central spiral staircase between the two vertical circulation towers.

The project provides an addition of 175,000 sq.ft. of high performance workspaces to the existing campus. The interior main linear atrium connects departments and amenities with the central area defined by two concrete towers. The central spiral staircase acts as a vertical circulation as well as a community foyer space. This also echoes the central hub concept of the phase one development of the campus. Besides major studio spaces, other interior features include a 175-seats theatre, a conference centre, a fitness centre and a NBA regulation sized basketball court.


Client: Electronic Arts / Year: 2014 / Area: 170,000 sq.ft. / Status: Completed / Architect of Record : MCMP / Awards: Innovative Steel Structure Awards of Excellence 2006 & Design Award Winner of Shaw Contract Group 2008