Burnaby, Canada

Burnaby Fire Station 7

A design responds to its surrounding environment and an architectural expression reflects the function of the building. 


The project provides three drive-through fire truck bays and accommodates living quarters for up to sixteen firefighters including offices, exercise and dining facilities. The main building is designed as a linear form to fit in a small triangular site beside a busy road and it acts as a screen to adjacent traffic. The elevated main floor provides privacy for the station and the long brick wall continues the design theme used in other fire stations of the City. A major hollowed canopy with a flag pole is designed at the main entrance to symbolize the building as a fire station. Green building features are also designed for the building with solar panels and a green roof.


Client: City of Burnaby / Year: 2009 / Area: 17,000 sq.ft. / Status: Completed / Architect of Record: MCMP

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