Vancouver, Canada

Roar One

Through collaboration with a talented design team, the architecture is designed for higher density living in Vancouver. Maximum permissible building volume is designed with patios, courtyards and sky gardens which allows abundant daylight penetration and natural cross ventilation.


Housing units are planned on the street facades and separated by a semi-public central courtyard where vertical circulation is located. Designed as compact houses in the sky, live-work units ranging from 800 to 2,000 sq.ft. are featured with two double height spaces. Aluminium grating sliding screens and plants are used to regulate seasonal heat gain and control privacy. The project was completed with a very competitive construction cost through extensive value engineering and commercial contractor techniques.


Client: Roar Ventures  / Year: 2006 / Area: 21,000 sq.ft. / Status: Completed / Architect of Record: DIALOG / Award: Governor General’s Medal Winner 2008